Earth Tube Performance

Earth Tube Outside Air Temp at Supply Intake is 28 deg. F Earth Tube Inside Supply Air Temp is 52 deg. F

Earth Tube Performance

The standing Temp is -10 deg. F outside at the Earth Tube Intakes. Earth Tube supply air temp inside the building is 46 deg. F.

SIP Testing and Thermal Imaging is completed

We have passed the SIP testing and Thermal Imaging for our Thermal Bridge Free Construction We would all like to recognize the SIP Manufacture for working through the innovative Curtain Wall Design Requirements; Eagle Panel Systems Our Selected SIP…

Building Science Institute is the QAD, DOE Challenge Home Verifier, and Certified RESNET Rater for Full Revolution Farm

Eco Smart Building LLC is the Designer, Builder, and Construction Administrator for Full Revolution Farm. We selected Building Science Institute as our third party for Quality Assurance Designee and Testing Agent for; US DOE Challenge Home Program, US EPA Energy…

Full Revolution Farm is prepared for Pressurization and Depressurization Testing to 75 Pascal’s

During the Pressure and Depressurization Testing Thermal Imaging will be done on all SIP Joints and Intersections as well as the connection of the SIP’s to the Continuous Below Grade Dow Blue Board Insulation Layer between the 2 structural foundations…

Portioco is Framed and Sheathe

Roof Eves are Framed around the Installed SIP Roofs

Third Floor North SIP Roof is Installed from the South Side

Southeast Gable, South, and Third Floor North Wall Roof SIP Intersection is Prepaired for SIP Roof Inatall

South and Southwest Gable SIP Roofs are Installed