Garage Buildout

Structural Mat Slab 1) The structural mat slab has a broomed finish which functions as a walk off space for dirt from shoes and an anti-slip finish. 2) The structural mat slab has a 3 inch fall toward the garage…

Garage Buildout

Structural Mat Slab 1) 4,000 psi concrete mix, with structural concrete curbs which carry the weight of the 2 stories above the garage.

Garage Buildout

Insulation Layers 1) Garage stem walls are insulated to the footings with a 1 foot thick layer of Dow Blue board 2) Structural slab insulation is a 1 foot thick insulation layer of Dow High Strength Blue Board 3) Structural…

First Floor Framing is completed and Second Floor Joist are being installed

Stair layout is started between first and second floor on North Wall

Advanced Framing Example of the outside corner

Solarthermal Greenhouse floor framing is skinned

Solarthermal Greenhouse TJI’s are set

Looking Southeast at the North side of FRF


Looking Northeast across the site at the first floor framing

First floor is framed and ready for second floor joist