Grass and Native Plantings are starting to Grow!!

Stucco Starts!!

Stucco Starts and the Gutter Kickouts are Installed

CMU Gallery is Completed

The South Side Gallery is completed and the deck needs to be installed

Windows and Doors openings are cut out through the SIP Shell

Garage Ceiling/Second Floor

The Garage is designed as an adiabatic space, in other words the conditioned space on the abutting garage house wall and the garage ceiling/second floor above the garage are air tight, insulated and thermally broken from the conditioned space of…

Garage/House Wall Assembly

The Garage is structurally separated from the house, 2 X 4 Structural walls on either side of the SIP Panel are structural. The 2 X 4 Structural Walls are filled with closed cell spray foam to air seal the SIP…

Air Sealing Rim and Band Joist, and Second floor Sub-floor

Air Sealing

View of the sub-floor of the second floor above the garage

Air Sealing

This is a photo of the Rim Band Joist, and second floor sub-floor air sealing with closed cell spray foam separating the garage from the house.