Passive House: Journey to Net Zero Energy INDIEGOGO Campaign

All, If you are interested in Passive House and US DOE Net Zero Energy Home this is a chance to get an owners’ perspective in her new book.  She’s crowdfunding so we can do critical R&D and data collection to…

Windows and Doors openings are cut out through the SIP Shell

Earth Tube Performance

Earth Tube Outside Air Temp at Supply Intake is 28 deg. F Earth Tube Inside Supply Air Temp is 52 deg. F

Earth Tube Performance

The standing Temp is -10 deg. F outside at the Earth Tube Intakes. Earth Tube supply air temp inside the building is 46 deg. F.

Northwest Gable Sip Roof Install Viewed From the Inside

North and Northwest Roof SIPs are Installed

North and West Gable Roof Intersection is installed

Northeast Gable Roof Install Starts

View of East Gable Exterior 3 Floor Wall from inside the Second Floor

West Roof SIP Install