Fortified For Safer Living Standard

This is an addational certification that is underconsideration for FRFfortified-safer-living-standards_IBHS 11 29 2013 download

Tight Vent Europe Newsletter # 5

This is a great newsletter on Passive House Buildings in Europe!!  It covers a number of topics; commissioning results verses re-commissioning results, and monitoring that is part of the European Program.  Plus much more!! TightVent_NL_5

Dense Packed Wood Webs

The 18 inch wood webs are dense packed between the Basement and first floor (top photo), and the first and second floors This view looking South East across Great Room, Dinning Room, Kitchen, to Green House Entrance into Kitchen. You…

Building Entryway Air Sealing

Entryway Air sealing of roof and exterior SIP walls to the framing

Vaulted Ceiling has been netted and dense pack is being blown-in

The soffit pictured encloses a supply duct in the media room looking east, the soffit and supply duct runs on the north interior wall and the west wall of the media room. The entire assembly was netted and dense packed…

Full Revolution Farm 3 floor roof and band joist air sealing

Air Sealing of Roof and Walls looking up Main Stair Case to the Second Floor

West Gable Wall and Roof Air Sealing in Process

Full Revolution Farm Vaulted Ceiling and Wall Air Sealing looking south

Closed Cell insulation is used to seal the SIP Roof and Walls to the framing, it also comprises the first interior insulation layer in the roof and Rim and Ban Joist. Also visible in the photo is the sprinkler pipe…

Insulation Quality Assurance Inspections

All Insulation Quality Assurance is provided by a 3rd party RESNET Rater and Quality Assurance Designee, as required by the US DOE Builders Challenge Program Requirements. When the SIP Curtain wall was installed the installation was blower door tested and…