Great article on Low Hanging Fruit on Energy Efficiency

This is a great article and it begs to question about the application of Artificial Intelligence in Integrated Facility Management Systems. Integrated Facilities Management System (IFMS)   Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. has partnered with Family Solutions to develop…

Passive House: Journey to Net Zero Energy INDIEGOGO Campaign

All, If you are interested in Passive House and US DOE Net Zero Energy Home this is a chance to get an owners’ perspective in her new book.  She’s crowdfunding so we can do critical R&D and data collection to…

Windows and Doors openings are cut out through the SIP Shell

US DOE Zero Energy Ready Home QA Review

DOE ZERH Webinar - QMS A recording of the webinar will be available soon on the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Resources website,  where you will also find recordings of past technical training webinars and presentations. If you are building…

Vented Roof Deck is installed and ready for underlayment

Vented Roof Assembly Sheathing Install

Vented roofs are the only way to holding the insulation R value in a cathedral roof, or on a SIP Roof. It also prolongs the life of roofing materials, sheathing, ice and water shield, roof underlayment, and asphalt shingles