Silkwave Industries Co. Ltd. Achieves 100% Carbon Neutrality Through Net Zero Analysis’ Climate Change Action Program For B Corps

Chicago, IL, Oct. 30, 2019: Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. is pleased to announce that Silkwave Industries Co. Ltd. of Japan, through Net Zero Analysis’ Climate Change Action Program, is the first company to achieve 100% carbon neutrality for its operations through 2019.

Silkwave produces high quality silk and down bedding and is a member of B Corp Asia, which is a strategic partner of U.S.-based nonprofit B Lab. According to, “Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. B Corps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.”

“We are pleased to lead the way as the first B Corp in Japan and the larger Asia Pacific market to join with Net Zero Analysis in this innovative program,” said Yasuo Ozawa, President of Silkwave Industries. “Offsetting our carbon footprint allows us to operate in alliance with our company’s individual sustainability goals and the broader B Corp philosophy.”

“Leveraging our qualifications as ISO14000 and 14001 – 2015 International Auditors and our expertise in carbon footprint calculation, we were able to work with Silkwave to guide them through gathering relevant data concerning their operations and determining the total carbon footprint for the year. They then decided to offset 100% of that carbon footprint through an offset security purchase on the Entrex Carbon Market,” explained George Sullivan, CEO of Net Zero Analysis.

Stephen Watkins, CEO of Entrex added, “The combination of Net Zero’s international carbon footprint calculator and the Entrex platform gives climate-concerned companies a user-friendly way to navigate a rigorous carbon-neutrality verification process and to purchase a regulated carbon offset product. We look forward to welcoming more B Corps as Entrex Market Members.”

About Silkwave:

Silkwave Industries utilizes the leading edge technology such as Silkwave and Plasma Coating Technology in order to produce the highest quality bedding in silk such as Futon, Comforter, etc. and the best quality down in terms of fill power and cleanliness for bedding, jacket, etc. The operation of Silkwave Industries considers the Life Cycle Assessment of products very important in order to minimize the loss of precious gifts of nature such as silk and down. WWW.SILKWAVE-S.COM

About Net Zero Analysis:

Net Zero Analysis Carbon Credit Trading Corporation was founded to offer pricing transparency in the marketplace, additional carbon-reduction financing, and to increase carbon offset project viability by connecting to newly accessible market mechanisms created by the Paris Accord, as well as to connect carbon offset product purchasers with the most appropriate sources for certified UNFCCC-compliant products. NZA’s founders represent a wealth of experience in engineering, architecture, building science, energy efficiency, renewable energy, professional education, and real estate matters, as well as a solid grasp of market trends, UNFCCC methodologies, and changes in regulations.

About Entrex:

The Entrex Carbon Market was founded to offer corporate entities a place to buy, sell and retire Carbon Offsets across a regulatory-compliant trading platform. The Entrex Carbon Market’s intellectual properties and blockchain-enabled technologies are licensed from the Entrex Holding Company, which has built and proven its IBM’s Domino and Hyperledger technology platforms over 19 years.  Entrex partners and licenses various niche-oriented alternative trading platforms, building global markets to trade niche private securities.