Entrex Carbon Market and Net Zero Analysis Create Highly Flexible Program for Securitized Carbon Offset Purchases

Chicago. Illinois February 21, 2020: The Entrex Carbon Market has deployed a program allowing climateconcerned entities with carbon offset needs of any size to access securitized offsets. Companies, organizations, sole proprietors, and individuals who want a safe, secure, cost effective way to immediately offset their carbon footprint, but who may not be prepared to participate in Entrex’s established trading opportunities, can use this unique program.

“The Entrex Carbon Market team has structured a regulatory compliant manner for clients focused on carbon neutrality to be allocated assigned-and-retired securitized carbon offsets which meets their needs. This offers safety and efficiency for corporate buyers.” Said Stephen H. Watkins CEO of the Entrex Carbon Market.

The Assignment and Retirement program is an extension of the revolutionary Entrex Carbon Market model which, through its compliance with SEC and FINRA regulations, eliminates much of the expensive due diligence a company would normally have to perform in order to validate over-the-counter carbon offsets, under the old model. Businesses can fulfill the requirements of their Corporate Carbon Neutrality Plans and Net Zero Emissions Plans by purchasing their needs via Entrex Market Membership,
which also allows them to trade those securities. Companies, organizations and individuals that don’t have huge corporate budgets now have a non-trading mechanism for acquiring verified offsets that have met strict due-diligence guidelines.

Regulated carbon products solve a major confidence issue with regard to carbon offsets. Unregulated offsets have recently been called into question after cases of double-counting and destruction of the offset-producing assets have been discovered and well-publicized. Years of combined experience in tech, trading, regulated finance, sustainability, renewable infrastructure, climate action, and government policy have gone into creating the two offset-purchasing mechanisms available through the Entrex Carbon Market.

Mike Fiorino, EVP of Quality Assurance explained, “We have turned down millions of offsets from projects that couldn’t show us adequate provisions for the protection of the offset-generation sources or chain of ownership. We didn’t have enough assurance regarding the longevity of the project or protection against double counting to verify them properly. Scientific and legal validity are of utmost importance. We won’t offer questionable offsets on the marketplace.”

“Prior to the implementation of Entrex’s Assignment and Retirement program, offsets were only offered in blocks of 1,000 as a single security. This is still great for large buyers, but many of our clients have neither the immediate need nor the budget for that quantity, and even though offsets can be carried forward to cover several years of carbon footprint, a smaller offset acquisition is the right choice for them,” said George Sullivan, CEO of Net Zero Analysis. “Leveraging our qualifications as ISO 14000 and 14001 – 2015 International Auditors, Net Zero Analysis has developed two ISO-Compliant Carbon Footprint Calculators to help companies and organizations accurately estimate their carbon footprints and the amount of offsets necessary to bring their operations to carbon neutral. This program is our clients’ only opportunity to acquire regulated offsets for their specific needs.”

Informational videos regarding use of the two calculators and trading on the Entrex Carbon Market can be found on the Climate Change Action Plan YouTube Channel.

About Net Zero Analysis:
Net Zero Analysis & Design Corporation was founded to offer pricing transparency in the marketplace, additional carbon-reduction financing, and to increase carbon offset project viability by connecting to newly accessible market mechanisms created by the Paris Accord, as well as to connect carbon-offset product purchasers with the most appropriate sources for certified UNFCCC-compliant products. NZA’s founders represent a wealth of experience in engineering, architecture, building science, energy efficiency, renewable energy, professional education, and real estate matters, as well as a solid grasp of
market trends, UNFCCC methodologies, and changes in regulations. www.netzeroanalysis.com

About Entrex:
The Entrex Carbon Market, majority owned by Entrex’s public holding company, was founded to offer corporate entities a place to buy, sell and retire Carbon Offsets across a regulatory-compliant trading platform. The Entrex Carbon Market’s intellectual properties and blockchain-enabled technologies are licensed from the Entrex Holding Company, which has built and proven its IBM’s Domino and Hyperledger technology platforms over 19 years. Entrex partners and licenses various niche-oriented alternative trading platforms, building global markets to trade niche private securities.