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A CONVERGENCE of expertise

Our Story

Since 2015, NZA has evolved from decarbonizing buildings to decarbonizing business. Our core team hails from the disciplines of engineering, architecture, education, and real estate brokerage. We’re powered by a passion for decreasing resource consumption through better data, design, and market awareness. We’re nerds with diplomas and certificates and licenses to go along with more than a century of combined work experience, but more importantly, we have a knack for recognizing developments on the horizon. We never stop looking for new information and greater levels of improvement to use in the service of our clients. We’re based in the central United States and serve a global clientele.


We’re here to knock down the biggest hurdle to addressing climate change and its effects:  the belief that doing so would be bad for business.

The truth is organizations that address their activities’ environmental and social consequences are rewarded for doing so. It is well established that the global arrival of ESG disclosure regulation meant to produce a meaningful, comparable way to assess the climate-related performance of organizations is investor-driven.

Your company’s climate-related assessments and statements influence the decisions of your customers, shareholders, and employees. ESG risk is business risk, and risk management is one of the most important fiduciary duties an organization’s leadership is charged with.

Regulation is accelerating the necessary shift into an era where “sustainability” isn’t novel. It’s expected as an everyday part of doing business. Any rapid shift comes with a potentially problematic knowledge gap. Most organizations don’t yet have staff with the skills to meet new compliance standards. 

We offer the expertise to help you successfully bridge that gap into the future.

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George Sullivan, Founder/CEO
Mike Fiorino, EVP Quality Assurance
Celeste Karan, EVP Marketing & PR

What You Get With Us


Avoid potential pitfalls and learn how to implement the latest best practices to create your strong compliance program.


Design your data management system for longevity so you won’t get knocked off balance as expectations evolve.


Know that you have a fully-supported iron-clad disclosure narrative that is appropriate for all your communications.


Show your investors and other stakeholders your commitment to risk management and thought leadership.

From Our Clients...

"George doesn't mince words. He clearly laid out the best way to proceed in light of upcoming regulations and was blunt about the fact that some of the measures my predecessor had spent a lot of money on weren't taking us in the right direction. The NZA team helped us switch to ISO because it was more appropriate for our reporting and were able to include all the things in the scope that the software service we were using lacked. Now we have the data we need for our SEC, CSRD, and other reporting."
Global Head of Sustainability - International REIT
"We are accustomed in our industry to environmental reporting, but we started getting requests from service partners who were collecting Scope 3 data and we knew we would have to report GHG emissions soon. We were starting from scratch with carbon accounting (and were "scratching" our heads), but Net Zero Analysis showed us how to build on our existing systems to make it more efficient. They also helped us format the data for both ISO and GHG Protocol, since we've had requests for each."
Vice President of EH&S - midstream Oil and gas Company
"We had the goal of taking our company and mixed-use developments into carbon-neutral operations. NZA ran our buildings through energy modeling and followed up with on-site testing. We knew our goals meant buying carbon offsets, but we were skeptical about their validity. George found a source for SEC-registered carbon offsets that were correctly retired and documented. Because we tested our as-built energy performance, we were sure that the calculations were correct and we were buying the right number of offsets."
President - Design/Build Construction Company

“If humanity does not opt for integrity, we are through completely. It is absolutely touch and go. Each one of us could make the difference.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller