Net Zero-Japan, Inc. Team

The role of Net Zero-Japan is to facilitate the Carbon Neutral Movement in Japan and to develop a linkage between Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. and our clients in Japan and other APAC countries by providing an opportunity to clearly understand the globally accepted methods of achieving carbon neutrality in order to comply with the 3 steps in the U.N. Climate Neutral Now Initiative: 1. Measure 2. Reduce 3. Contribute.

We are very pleased to have an experienced and accomplished team in Japan assisting our Asia Pacific clients in their carbon neutrality efforts.

Yasuo Ozawa

Executive Managing Director

Mr. Ozawa is a Social Entrepreneur and inventor holding several patents who excels at connecting industry, government and academia in collaborative organization.

Masato Yamazaki, PhD

Managing Director

Dr. Yamazaki is an Environmental Economist specializing in local economic development. He is passionate about sustainability and uses his background in business, higher education, and as a government advisor to guide business leaders who are climate-conscious and wish to take their companies into a profitable and more sustainable future.