Net Zero Analysis ESG Reporting Platform

Meet your regulatory and contract requirements with accurate ISO-based measurement & reporting

We configure our SaaS platform to provide a bespoke solution for your company’s unique needs.

ESG Expectations Are Rapidly Changing

“NZA made a complex data collection strategy easy to understand.”

Dear Sustainability Professional,

We aim to make your job easier and free you up to do the things you thought you would be doing when you went into sustainability. Did you think you would be chasing utility data and slogging through constantly fluctuating reporting requirements, worried about the embarrassment and potential financial consequences of missing something? Or did you dream of offering direction and shaping the way business is done to reflect the needs of a changing and endangered world?

Keeping up with new developments and requirements, revisions and accepted data analysis methods can be confusing and time consuming. Let that be our job instead of yours. Our solutions are automated, globally accepted, and take care of all of your reporting needs, local to international.

  • Using our platform allows a sustainability department to be proactive instead of reactive.
  • It frees you up to explore new ideas that help your company thrive and get ahead.
  • It helps you avoid the embarrassment of getting caught off-guard by keeping up with evolving requirements and methods for you.
  • It allows you to quickly adapt and prepare for whatever is coming up on the horizon because your data is already at your fingertips.
  • It provides potential for your department to be the source of another revenue stream – a net positive asset to your company.

We use our SaaS platform’s building blocks to provide a bespoke solution for your company’s unique needs. When it comes to regulatory compliance and reporting, one size doesn’t fit all, but making sure your reporting conforms to a few very specific guidelines will keep you “in the green.”

Each asset is evaluated separately and accumulated asset-level data rolls up into your entire portfolio for company-wide measurement. With this deep and wide view, you can create effective carbon-reduction plans and reports. Our robust BI capabilities allow you to drill down into the data to find your asset-level strengths and opportunities for improvement.

And when the yearly analysis of your company’s environmental performance is complete, we can help you source high-quality carbon offsets to cancel out your carbon footprint.

The NZA Difference

Our focus is on providing our clients with the guidance and tools they need to meet and exceed disclosure expectations. Regulators, investors, lenders, customers and other stakeholders need clear, concise and comparable information about your company’s environmental commitments and performance. We will help you discover and report to the most appropriate channels for your audience.

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“It’s the easiest-to-understand, most complete, and most user-friendly interface of all the models we have reviewed. The tools are outstanding!”

Our tools are updated to comply with all changes and revisions agreed upon at the yearly United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the annual Congress of the Parties (COP). This ensures that they also meet SEC disclosure guidance and meet or exceed other ESG standards. We offer the most comprehensive data analysis available, gathering real-time information for instantaneous analytics. We don’t rely on averages and we don’t use data that’s gone stale.

Our ISO-14000-based data collection and handling methods ensure correct and complete information for reporting to frameworks like Energy Star Portfolio Manager, U.S. DOE Transportation Tracker, Climate Neutral Now, U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, and Global Reporting Initiative and following the recommendations of the U.N. supported Principles for Responsible Investing (PRI), The Equator Principles, TCFD, and others.

Our Saas Platform can be customized for each one of your properties, while incorporating all of your assets into an enterprise-level reporting and analysis tool. We can even white-label for you.

If you need a solution that frees you up to do the job you want, and keeps your company on track with global frameworks reporting requirements, contact us today to get started.