Net Zero Analysis & Design Partners with Talon/LPE to Offer Compliance and
Sustainability Reporting Support and Carbon Offset Opportunities to Oil and Gas


Corporate and Facility Audits produce data that is essential for:
• Compliance and non-financial reporting
• Climate risk assessment
• Carbon reduction planning and climate action
• Discovery of cost reduction and new income stream potential

Net Zero Analysis & Design Corporation (NZA) and Talon/LPE, Ltd. (Talon) are combining their deep
expertise to answer client companies’ needs for solid carbon accounting and reporting data. The
partnership will assist companies in the energy and chemicals sectors with their facility audits for
accurate greenhouse gas accounting, risk assessment, and the discovery of energy efficiency
opportunities and new potential income streams.

Facility audits aggregate data that will become crucial support for accurate corporate disclosures,
compliance reporting, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) reporting, carbon-footprint
reduction goals, climate-risk assessment, and discovery of carbon offset project opportunities. The
partnership also offers third-party auditing for the U.N.-supported Principles for Responsible Investment
(PRI), Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), Climate
Neutral Now initiative of the UNFCCC Secretariat, U.N.-supported Sustainable Development Goals
(SDGs) and other widely-recognized reporting frameworks.

“Adding carbon quantification and certification to our due-diligence services means we can continue our
focus on innovation and being the first to offer fit-for-purpose solutions. Changes in expectations are
developing quickly and our offices in each of the major producing basins is ready to go,” said David
Prescott, President of Talon/LPE.

U.S. businesses are under pressure from investors and customers to implement sustainability efforts and
to prove ESG claims with verified data. The SEC, Treasury Department and the business credit reporting
agencies are all in the process of implementing regulation and incentives that will make avoiding the
issue impossible. Carbon reduction and offsetting is rapidly becoming part of every successful
company’s business model. In the oil and gas industry, the mitigation of methane release is a pressing
concern due to the fact that methane traps 27 times as much heat in the atmosphere as CO2. According
to the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s World Energy Outlook 2021 Report, current emissions
reduction pledges only close 20% of the gap necessary for keeping the 1.5-degree climate stabilization
goal, and will require an additional 12 Gt CO2 emissions reductions and reductions of 90 Mt in methane
emissions from fossil fuel operations to get there.

Steven Fleming, Talon’s Director of Risk Management, Compliance, and Sustainability stated, “Carbon
offsets are a proactive and an aggressive approach for oil and gas producers to mitigate their
greenhouse gas footprint. Identification of offsets in field operations adds extra value to the methane
reduction efforts operators have been diligently implementing.”

George Sullivan, Founder and CEO of Net Zero Analysis added, “The world is moving to renewable
energy, but most economies can’t immediately cut out fossil fuels. Supply chains are still oil-dependent,
and recent world events have made it clear that fossil fuels will likely continue to be an important
emergency energy source in the coming decades. There is a big push for oil and gas supplies that are
legitimately carbon neutral in line with U.N. definitions. Emissions from these transitional fuels are
offset through the development of carbon sequestration and fuel-switching projects. Our job is to make
sure these offsets meet rigorous globally-accepted standards.”

The collaboration between NZA and Talon will appropriately prepare their client companies to smoothly
navigate the rapidly changing regulatory landscape and take advantage of new opportunities in the
carbon marketplace.


About Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp:
Net Zero Analysis & Design was founded to offer ESG guidance and third-party validation and
verification to companies and organizations who are interested in carbon neutrality and net zero
emissions. The company offers ISO-standard validation to carbon offset producers, and connects carbon
offset product purchasers with the most appropriate sources for certified UNFCCC-compliant products.
NZA’s founders represent a wealth of experience in engineering, architecture, building science, energy
efficiency, renewable energy, professional education, and real estate, and have a solid grasp of market
trends, UNFCCC methodologies, and changes in regulations.

About Talon, LPE:
Talon/LPE was established in 1997 and provides a broad range of quality environmental services to
energy related businesses including upstream oil and gas production, midstream, refineries and retail
distribution. Their scope of services includes environmental consulting, drilling services, emergency
response, permitting and groundwater remediation, and due diligence services. Their client base has
grown to include Fortune 500 energy companies, industrial companies, oilfield service firms, pipeline
companies, transportation companies, real estate firms, national food chains, municipalities, and various
smaller companies, as well as federal and state agencies.
For more information, contact:

George Sullivan

Steven Fleming