Megawatt Hour Purchase

Maintaining Revenue Streams for Project Finance and Profitability

Net Zero Analysis offers renewable energy asset owners a stable price and long-term contracts for their megawatt hours of production. This increases the value of existing assets and the viability of new development.

In the United States and other countries where Renewable Energy Credit program revenue can be uncertain, monetizing the Environmental Attributes of renewable energy installations is often an insufficient incentive toward investment. Many developers of renewable energy installations, dismissing the value of the Environmental Attributes have sold or reassigned them. Maintaining ownership of the EA is maintaining ownership of your full range of revenue stream opportunities. 
Though we can work with existing parks as well as parks in development, making an NZA megawatt hour purchase contract part of your pro-forma during the planning stages of a new renewable energy plant insures against the loss of your carbon-reduction revenue and greatly increases the resale value of the plant.