Net Zero Analysis & Design

Climate Change Action Through Carbon Neutral Economies

21st Century Business

Businesses and other organizations are coming under greater scrutiny and pressure with regard to energy use and carbon footprint. Changes in legislation, policy, and public opinion can effect a company’s bottom line as much as changes in operations can. Addressing carbon has become an inescapable part of our modern global economy and Net Zero Analysis & Design was founded to bridge the gap between carbon offset generators and offset buyers in the modern marketplace.

Why NZA?

NZA’s founders represent a wealth of experience in engineering, architecture, building science, energy efficiency, renewable energy, professional education, and real estate matters, as well as a solid grasp of market economics, trends and changes in regulations. Our carbon-offset calculation methods have been third-party verified as ISO 14000 compliant, and two company officers are certified as ISO 14001-2015 international auditors.  

A New Paradigm

Net Zero Analysis can:

  • Stabilize a highly lucrative ongoing revenue stream that renewable energy owners have come to depend upon, creating a large source of capital for continued development of renewable energy capacity and reduction in global carbon emissions.
  • Help businesses and other organizations determine their carbon footprints and plan the most scientifically valid and cost-effective ways to meet their carbon-reduction obligations.
  • Connect carbon-offset purchasers with the high-quality offsets they need through the Entrex Carbon Market.

Renewable Energy Is Effectively Reducing Global Carbon Emissions

Due to the recent rise in the amount of renewable energy entering the grid the carbon intensity of electricity has and continues to decline. Grids are becoming cleaner with a lower carbon footprint. This is good news given the latest climate science reports and the global community’s response to the challenge of mitigating climate change. Increasing profitability of renewable energy assets is the fastest and most effective route to successfully addressing global carbon-emissions reduction challenges.

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