Buyer FAQ

Q: What are “Carbon Offset Securities?”

A: A Carbon Offset Certificate is a Regulation D Security representing 1,000 carbon offsets. One offset represents 1 Metric Tonne of carbon emissions avoided, so the Security represents 1,000 Metric Tonnes of avoided carbon emissions.  These are regulated by the US Security and Exchange Commission  and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority as a commodity in the United States.  Corporations that want to purchase and retire carbon offsets may purchase the Carbon Offset Certificate on the Entrex Carbon Market web platform to meet their regulatory or corporate voluntarily offset requirements based on the Cap and Trade Markets (WCI or RGGI) and/or the company’s Scope 1 and 2 Audit Results before claiming “Carbon Neutrality.”  All of the carbon-offset projects that appear on the Entrex Carbon Market meet the following requirements:

1) Must use a United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Methodology

2) Proof of Chain of Custody of ownership of the offsets

3) Project is submitting offsets that are exclusive to the Entrex Carbon Market (offsets cannot be listed anywhere else)

4) Project must be listed on an approved registry that meets UNFCCC standards, such as but not limited to: VERRA, ACR, etc. for Compliance or Voluntarily markets.

Q: Are Securitized Carbon Offsets different than the OTC Offsets? 

A: Yes, OTC offsets rarely if ever offer the same level of due diligence. (No chain of custody, UNFCCC regulations, or ISO 14001)

Q: What is the difference between the OTC market, other exchanges, and Entrex Carbon Market?

A: Entrex is an SEC-regulated market which falls under far more stringent government standards, eliminating the need for the cost-prohibitive level of due diligence necessary in non-regulated marketplace and exchange transactions.

Q: When I purchase your Securitized Carbon Offsets can I see how much money is going to support the offset project?

A: Yes, the contract documentation is on the platform

Q: Can Individuals have an account on the Entrex Carbon Market or is it just companies? 

A: Yes. You must go through regulated broker-dealer to get an account.

Q: Is there an electric wallet for my carbon offsets?

A: No. They are not transportable off the web platform.

Q: Is Entrex working with any credit card companies or banks where I can use my credits to offset my carbon footprint when I buy gas, pay my utility bills, or book airline and plane tickets?

A: Not currently, but programs are in the works.

Q: What are Entrex’s trading hours? 

A: 7AM EST to 10PM PST currently.

Q: Is there an online application portal for me to apply to trade on the Entrex Carbon Market?

A: Buyer Individuals and companies must go through broker/dealers. Sellers must apply through NZA.

Q: Do I need to open up separate accounts on Entrex to trade different markets? 

A: Western Carbon Initiative (WCI), Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), Voluntary Market, CORSIA, and the EU Market all can be traded under the same account.

Q: How do I fund my Entrex account and how long will it take to reflect in the account? 

A: ACH or wire transfer.  ACH arrives 2 to 3 business days, Wire arrives in 24 hours.

Q: Can I withdraw the money from my account, and what is the cost to withdraw money?

A: Yes. Banking info and transfer method must be provided. Cost is only associated banking fees.

Q: When do trades close/settle?

A: All trades currently settle and close once a week, Friday, 12:00AM PST. As average volume increases, that will become daily.

Q: Will I be able to speculate on the Entrex Carbon Market?

A: Yes. Speculative trades work the same as all other trades.

Q: How do I reverse a trade that was made by mistake?

A: Oops. As with other markets, you can hold your position or sell.

Q: Is there a help function on the Entrex web platform?

A: It is in the works.  In the meantime, contact your broker/dealer

Q: Is the scroll accurate with regard to what is currently on the Entrex Carbon Market?

A: Yes. It is updated daily.

Q: How do I tell what markets are trading at, with the different compliance markets and the voluntary market?

A: Compliance offsets are labeled as such. If offsets are not labeled as compliance-grade, they are voluntary.

Q: How can a group of small businesses setup an account on the Entrex platform?  Is there a discount or group price for an account?

A: See broker dealer.

Q: Can you provide a carbon footprint calculator on the Entrex web platform that meets the ISO 14001 – 2015 Standard to help me determine the number of Securities I need to purchase?

A: Coming soon.

Q: How do I retire the securities when I use the offsets?  Do I receive proof of retirement?  If so how?

A: To retire offsets, you trade them on the platform to the treasury for $0. Within 14 days of settlement, you will receive an email confirming retirement of offsets.