Net Zero Analysis and HPE OEM Team UP!

Here is a press release on our New Partnership   Net Zero Analysis and HPE OEM Partnership

Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. Becomes a Carbon Credit Aggregator

We are in the process of becoming a Carbon Credit Aggregator in the US, with concurrent certification in Asia and the EU. This gives us the advantage to leveraging the energy savings for all of our clients that have our…

ACEEE in Clean Energy Incentive Plan Proposal

EPA Urged to Level the Playing Field for Energy Efficiency in the Clean Power Plan More Than 50 Groups Join ACEEE in Clean Energy Incentive Plan Proposal Washington, D.C. (October 26, 2016): A diverse alliance is calling on the Environmental…

Zero Net Energy Building Presentation

This is a basic 101 Looking at Zero Net Energy Buildings it covers Passive House and all of the projects that are "Zero Energy Projects" and claim they meet the standard!!  Just the electrical grid has a factor of 3.4!!…

Introduction to the IDR process

Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. A Clean Technology Company Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp., Building Science Institute Inc. (our RESNET Quality Assurance Designee), and Full Revolution Farm LLC, have filed the first of several Innovation Design Requests (IDR)…

Grass and Native Plantings are starting to Grow!!

Stucco Starts!!

Stucco Starts and the Gutter Kickouts are Installed

Windows and Doors!! Manufacturing is Done!!

The HH Window and Doors are done and we are waiting on shipping.

Windows and Doors openings are cut out through the SIP Shell