FRF Pond is Excavated and Site is Graded

All storm water that is diverted from hard surfaces on the FRF Site is directed to the pond for water reuse on site. All of the treated black and gray water is also diverted into the pond for storage and reuse on site. When we dug the pond, the top 2 feet were topsoil and […]

Full Revolution Farm Project Certifications

We have received a number of e-mails on the certifications that the project is seeking and I would like to go through the certifications;   Passive House Design and Certification Services  Passive House Design is the next step beyond the US Department of Energy’s Builders Challenge Home version 2 Program.  In North America Passive House […]

SIP Testing and Thermal Imaging is completed

We have passed the SIP testing and Thermal Imaging for our Thermal Bridge Free Construction We would all like to recognize the SIP Manufacture for working through the innovative Curtain Wall Design Requirements; Eagle Panel Systems Our Selected SIP Installer who did a great job on the Curtain Wall Install Requirements and the Air […]