Do Earth Tubes Make any Sense?

Have you ever considered a geothermal ventilation system to cut your energy use for conditioning your outside air and cutting your energy cost? Green Building Advisor  Did a great article on Earth Tubes it is worth the read!   Article on Do Earth Tubes make any sense?

Great article on Low Hanging Fruit on Energy Efficiency

This is a great article and it begs to question about the application of Artificial Intelligence in Integrated Facility Management Systems. Integrated Facilities Management System (IFMS)   Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. has partnered with Family Solutions to develop the first Learning IoT Integrated Facilities Management System.  The IFMS is the first of its […]

Could You Go Off-Grid?

Here is an article that asks the question to a number of industry leaders, and presents the answer on Could you go off-grid? How do you think you would do if you were to go off grid?  leave a comment!!

Passive House: Journey to Net Zero Energy INDIEGOGO Campaign

All, If you are interested in Passive House and US DOE Net Zero Energy Home this is a chance to get an owners’ perspective in her new book.  She’s crowdfunding so we can do critical R&D and data collection to get the full picture and finish the story. The book addresses common issues, difficulties unique […]

Introduction to the IDR process

Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. A Clean Technology Company Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp., Building Science Institute Inc. (our RESNET Quality Assurance Designee), and Full Revolution Farm LLC, have filed the first of several Innovation Design Requests (IDR) with the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) on our Passive House project, Full Revolution Farm.  […]