Great article on Low Hanging Fruit on Energy Efficiency

This is a great article and it begs to question about the application of Artificial Intelligence in Integrated Facility Management Systems.

Integrated Facilities Management System (IFMS)


Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp. has partnered with Family Solutions to develop the first Learning IoT Integrated Facilities Management System.  The IFMS is the first of its kind to cut existing building energy use by up to 35% without impacting building operations.

Integrated Facilities Management System is the method for large-scope, long-term, complex, multi-service energy and occupancy transactions. This method uses a unique Learning IoT Platform combined with a cloud based customized continuously validated building model benchmarking against 30 years of sight specific climate data.


Value Proposition: Cutting you energy, maintenance, and compliance reporting cost, improving you bottom line, every hour of every day, year over year, our hard working IFM dose that and more.


  • Confidence in a fully compliant building model
  • Live energy consumption and site climate data continuously trained building model to help drive improvement decisions
  • Efficiencies through a new partnership combining a learning building IoT Platform and a continuously validated building model is IFMS (Integrated Facilities Management System).

Confidence: Fully Compliant, Continuously Validated Model


  • Customized cloud based building simulation modeling based on 30 years of site specific climate data compared to live actual daily climate hour by hour.  Generates a superior energy use management tool to control your building systems.
  • Monthly Energy and Water use Reporting to Energy Star Portfolio Manager for benchmarking for Municipal, State, and Federal Energy Code Compliance.
  • Energy Code Compliance Reporting to ASHRAE 90.1, IECC 2009 through 2012, IgCC 2012, US Green Building Council’s LEED and Green Globes Energy Compliance Requirements

Your New Tool: Continuously Trained Model with Actual Building Consumption


  • Learning cloud based IoT platform with Building simulation model matches the building systems that are being monitoring and controlling.

Example Systems are – HVAC energy use, Domestic Hot Water, Common Area/Office/Retail Lighting (indoor & outdoor) with daylight harvesting controls, water use, plug/apartment/office loads, and custom occupancy schedules.

  • Modeled customized building occupancy schedules running on a Learning IOT Platform (LIoTP)increases energy efficiency and the accuracy of the Building Energy Monitoring and Control System
  • Building simulation modeling performs a cost benefit analysis on building improvements and upgrades to reduce energy use that you can count on.

A New Partnership: LIoTP & Model Results in Predictive Control and Alarming


  • Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, and annual energy reporting to modeled energy use and savings, or alerts when energy use exceeds the modeled energy use.
  • Model provides set-point parameters for pre-heating/pre-cooling building spaces based on modeled verses learned occupancy schedules.
  • Model provides hourly modeled consumptions for comparison and identification of consumption issues.
  • LIotP provides actual performance data to replace boiler plate data normally used in models.
  • Lighting, Consumption, HVAC, Boilers enjoy the optimizations realized through the combined knowledge of the LIotP and Model.

Standard System Pricing for a Single Building not including installation*

  • Commercial and Multifamily 100,001 sq. ft. and up system cost is developed on space type and use plus monthly system fee of $300.00
  • Commercial and Multifamily 100,000 sq. ft. to 50,000 sq. ft. system cost is $0.15 to 0.25/sq. ft. plus monthly system fee of $300.00
  • Commercial and Multifamily 49,999 sq. ft. to 15,000 sq. ft. system cost is $0.25 to 0.35/sq. ft. plus monthly system fee
  • Commercial and Multifamily 14,999 sq. ft. to 8,000 sq. ft. system cost is $0.35 to 0.65/sq. ft. plus monthly system fee
  • Commercial and Multifamily 7,999 sq. ft. to 4,000 sq. ft. system cost is $0.65 to 0.80/sq. ft. plus monthly system fee
  • Commercial to Single Family 3,999 sq. ft. to 900 sq. ft. system cost is custom flat rate plus monthly system cost. Contact us to talk about the system you would like to have installed.

Portfolio & Campus Building Pricing

Custom pricing depending on total sq. ft., number of buildings, and there locations.  Ask us for a custom pricing bid.

* Utility Energy Efficiency Programs rebate our system please contact us to work with your on filling out the local utility paperwork.

Energy efficiency’s not so easy anymore — but the potential is still enormous

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