Passive House: Journey to Net Zero Energy INDIEGOGO Campaign


If you are interested in Passive House and US DOE Net Zero Energy Home this is a chance to get an owners’ perspective in her new book.  She’s crowdfunding so we can do critical R&D and data collection to get the full picture and finish the story. The book addresses common issues, difficulties unique to this project and how they were overcome. It runs the gamut from design challenges, contractor issues and resolutions, to all of the best of building science and design!!  You now have the chance to learn from a project that has a proposed HERS Index of -2 (pre-PV)!!

Perks offered to supporters:

  • The book (obviously). Walk through the whole-systems design process, critical design decisions, cost/benefit analysis of those decisions, a discussion on testing, modeling, codes, etc.
  • An opportunity to tour and stay in the house
  • Building science and passive house classes
  • Original study plan set
  • Full as-built set with redesigns and all construction details (suitable for your office library)
  • Critical models that were developed for the project to determine system loads, earth tube model, earth tube/ ERV combination model, water system models, etc.
  • Select the newsletter and get monthly building performance reports:
  • Indoor Temperature, Humidity, and Day Lighting for the 9 zones of the house, compared to onsite outside temperature, humidity, and daylight
  • Earth Tube Performance Data – temperature, humidity, and air velocity
  • Utility usage data

We’ve basically turned this project inside out and poured its contents out on the table for you to study. What we’ve learned from this project is already changing policy and standards and we’re not done yet. This is your opportunity to follow building performance in real time, to learn what works and (if we find something) what doesn’t

.Click Here for the INDIEGOGO Campaign

The Article on the project: Innovation Design Request Just Appeard in the Annual Building Science Issue (page 49) of Green Builder Media!!!!!

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