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Net Zero Analysis & Design Corp., Building Science Institute Inc. (our RESNET Quality Assurance Designee), and Full Revolution Farm LLC, have filed the first of several Innovation Design Requests (IDR) with the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) on our Passive House project, Full Revolution Farm.  The first IDR covers the following systems: Cold Water Sprinkler System, Domestic Cold Water System, Domestic Hot Water System, Water Sense Designed Domestic Hot and Cold Water Systems, Passive House Window Install, Solar Thermal Green House, Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) Model in REM/Rate, Earth Tube System Model, Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Mechanical and Domestic Hot Water System Model.  The IDR Request was to drop our HERS Index from 23 to -2 before the addition of photovoltaics.  We should have the results this week and we will resubmit and submit the next set of items to the IDR committee for their review.  Everyone involved with the IDR would like to thank the IDR Committee for their consideration and working with us as we came to shaping the first IDR Submission as our template for the additional IDR’s that we will be submitting.

We are also producing an article on the IDR Process with some system overviews.  This will be in publication in August of 2015, and we hope to produce a series of articles on each system.  We will be posting the link on the blog to allow everyone to access the article.

This in-detail review of all of the Passive House Systems has led us to develop products that can be used in retrofit and new construction projects the Building America Program is studying similar systems in various applications.  We also have developed a series of easy to use models that will increase the energy efficiency of your project.

If you are a current RESNET Rater and have a ZERH or Passive House project contact us and we will be able to use our approved IDR Models to lower your HERS Index!!

Stay tuned for more information!!

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