Garage Ceiling/Second Floor

Garage Ceiling/Second Floor

The Garage is designed as an adiabatic space, in other words the conditioned space on the abutting garage house wall and the garage ceiling/second floor above the garage are air tight, insulated and thermally broken from the conditioned space of the building.

The second floor subfloor and rim band joist are air sealed with 2 inches of closed cell foam and then dense packed with high performance fiberglass for a total R value of 100.

The garage space is conditioned by a separate geothermal system for infloor heating and cooling, and continuous ventilation by a separate earth tube system.

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  1. You just can’t beat an insulating system like this. Very impressive and I always love to see how the home builder, architect and home buyer invest in energy-saving, Green ways to construct a home. Well done!

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