Full Revolution Farm Thermal Bridge Free Construction

Full Revolution Farm Thermal Bridge Free Construction

Out Thermal Bridge Free Construction Wraps all six sides of the project;

1 foot thick Dow Blue board under our matt slab and footings and between the double foundation walls which is air sealed to the foundation walls

1 foot thick Thermally Broken SIP walls and roof for the project

Our experience in testing building envelops reveled several issues and or conditions that we addressed in the designing Full Revolution Farm’s Passive House Building Shell;

1) Connection to the below or at grade insulation layer
2) Inside and Outside Corner Thermal Bridges and Corners that open up over time
a. Designing for a positive thermal bridge
3) Continuous Thermal Bridge Free Wall Construction
4) Roof Wall Intersections
5) Window and Door Installed Thermal Bridging

We will be addressing all of the above in this blog as we install all of the measures.

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