Advance verses Standard Framing

First and foremost Full Revolution Farm is a Passive House Design that has a modeled annual energy use of less then 2.7KBTU/sq. ft./yr., and is thermal bridge free construction, we do not have any thermal bridges even at our windows and doors!!

Our Wall Framing 2 X 4’s we did the analysis on standard framing verses Advanced Framing for the design of the Passive House Envelope and Structural Requirements for the project.  We found that for our designed envelope that there was no thermal impact between the two framing methods in the BTU’s /square foot of envelope losses.

The additional material between Standard and Advanced Framing for the project is;

16 inches on center 0.139

24 inches on center 0.104

Or 4% increase in wood framing

This is not the case in standard construction nor in Energy Star Construction the additional material increases the energy use.

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