Full Revolution Farm – Water Use, Precipitation and Ground Water Collection and Onsite Waste Water Treatment

Precipitation (Snow Melt and Storm Water) Capture and Reuse


1)      The project has a set of drainage swales that direct site perception to the pond for storage and reuse.

2)      Permeable Surfaces are used for roads, approaches, walks, and driveways, but in heavy rain events or rapid snow melt the permeable surfaces are all pitched to a swale to conduct the precipitation to the pond for storage and reuse.

3)      Roof perception is collected and directed in gutters to Rain Chains which drain into a collection system that empties into the pond for storage and reuse.


Onsite Water Treatment of Black and Gray Water for Storage and Reuse


The average family of 4 uses 7,000 gallons of water every quarter as a Bed and Breakfast we can increase that water use amount to 10,000 gallons of water every quarter.  The Project Water Supply is from the City of Johnston, and there is no connection to a gravity fed municipal waste water treatment system.  Onsite treatment and reuse is critical to water efficiency on the site.  Full Revolution Farm is targeted to achieve the US EPA Water Sense Certification as part of the US DOE Builders Challenge Home Program Certification.  Passive House Certification required us to use as little energy to accomplish the treatment as possible, to reduce our Prime Energy Requirements.  We accomplished this with a gravity fed treatment system that daylights for overflow if we have a pump failure.


1)      Onsite water treatment needed to meet several conditions;

a.       Low/No Energy Use before any renewable energy systems output is used, the designed system uses a solar powered pump year round and line voltage UV Treatment from May through October every year.

b.       Standard Septic Separation and treatment/settlement tank

c.       Biological Treatment – a peat filtration system

d.      UV Treatment Tank

e.       Storage tank and solar powered pumping up to the pond for storage and reuse, our storage tank daylights into the orchard if the pump were to fail.



Footing Drainage System and Ground Water Collection, Storage and Reuse


Our Hydrostatic Mats and Footing Drainage System is piped to the Onsite Water Treatment Storage Tank where it is pumped back up to the pond by the solar powered pump where it is stored and reused.


You will be able to follow the install of the Onsite Water Treatment System as it is installed.


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