Full Revolution Farm – First Commercial Hospitality Positive Net Energy Passive House Project in the US!

Full Revolution Farm is a 7,000-square-foot private home on a 7-acre sustainable micro-farm, which offers two rooms for bed and breakfast accommodation. The project is designed to easily exceed the Energy Star Version 3 and the Building America Proposed Version 2 standards for energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and site water use.

This is the first Commercial Hospitality Passive House in the US to meet the German Passive House Standard once built, tested, commissioned and Certified by Passive House International. Guests will enjoy breakfasts and hand-crafted goods produced from on-site sources as well as exploring the extensive grounds and wildlife habitat.

Unique design features;

Thermal Bridge Free Construction;

SIP Curtain Wall System

Basement Construction is thermally broken structural basement walls and structural slab

Passive and Active Mechanical Systems:

Passive Horizontal Geoexchange System for intake air tempering and dehumidification for the balanced Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems.

Earth Tube Supply and Return for all ventilation system requirements

Passive and Active Chilled Beams and Water to Water Heat Pump Energy Balancing System

Passive Chilled Beam Solar Thermal Green House

Advanced Air Sealing Protocol

This is a great introduction to the design considerations for a Commercial Passive House Project.

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